Generational Differences

How do generations differ from one another?  Check out this link and let us know where you think it may be too stereotypical or absolutely correct!

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On-site Opportunities for YPs

Please reply to this post with on-site or internship opportunities for YPs.  We thank you for making these opportunities available!

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2nd Place

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, some companies are having to fold.  Event organizers are finding that they may need to scramble to find a back-up supplier when one is no longer operating. 

What is a good approach to lining up and possibly forming an agreement for a “2nd Place” or next-best supplier?  How is this dynamic received by the suppliers in the industry?

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Investing in Yourself

In today’s economy, young professionals can’t expect their employers to be able to invest in their industry involvement and professional development.  Several young professionals are seeing the value in paying their own way because the chance to be involved and present in this industry is invaluable. 

What are your thoughts?  How do you feel about organizations who push back because they are trying to control the “face” of the organization at professional events?

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What We Don’t Cover…

Blogs are wonderful. In all honestly, some are more wonderful than others. Where’s the value? The value lies in the perspectives, resources and advice that becomes available for you to accept or disagree with.

While the Young Professionals wish to release blogs that will prove valuable to our readership, we realize there is a great inquisitive world of questions, concerns or ideas we’re not addressing. As such, we have created a new page associated with our blog titled “Q&A.”

Over the next couple of weeks, and into the future, we will gather questions from professionals and students and post them to this page. We will start to provide answers – or opinions – to these questions and we encourage you to do the same!

These questions will not just surround the theme: young professionals. They will be questions pertaining to the industry as we are all a part of this great industry. Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy this resource!

– Nora Johnson, 2009 IAEE YPC Chair

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